Veneer Species and Technical Information

Precision Veneer can do just about anything with a wood veneer sheet from doors to panel runs to high-end architectural blueprint jobs. We specialize in cut to size, sequenced and numbered panels based on supplied drawings from our customers.

We are happy to use a customer supplied veneer or source and sample the wood veneer we feel will be most suitable for your job. Through our wood veneer suppliers, we have access to domestic and exotic wood veneer, reconstituted veneer and dyed veneers. In addition, we stock veneer for more than 130 species of wood.

Whether it is a reception desk or an entire building, we take the utmost care to make sure the job is done right.

Wood Database

Uncertain of the type of wood species you would like to use for your next project? Eric Meier has curated an online database to help architects and woodworkers ascertain which woods to use based on selection criteria including colour, grain pattern, strength, dimensional stability, durability, etc.

Visit the Wood Database.

Technical Information

Do you want to know more about veneer cuts, face matching possibilities, end matching options and even the visual effects you can create with special matches?

Download Technical PDF.

Created by and used with permission from the Architectural Woodworking Institute.